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For those of you that don't know Loren G, "Totch" Brown He was born on Chokoloskee, Island FL, in 1920.

In 1880, His paternal great-grandfather John J Brown settled here on Florida's last frontier, Soon after his maternal grandfather, Charles G. McKinney, came to the frontier and started a forty-year career as midwife, dentist, storekeeper and sage.

The most interesting part in Totch Brown's life to him, comes in between the frontier style of life he lived in the untamed Everglades

He became well know after his Book was published Totch A life in the Everglades also Video tapes of his life shown on PBS Television

In Totch's later years he started spending a lot of time on a small Island in Chokoloskee Bay that was surrounded by the Everglades National Park. He said it took him back to the way he lived as a child and young man.

He had a real Indian chickee house made and planned to live on the little Island after his wife Estelle Passed away on November 11, 1995.

On May 8, 1996 while finishing laying the flooring down in his little Indian Chickee he had a massive heart attack and died at age 76.

Doctors had told him some years before, you have to stop working if you want to live, he told the Doctor I will die with a hammer in my hand and that is what he did.

After his death I , "Lorna" Totch's daughter searched to find out who owned the little Island and found it belonged to the Collier Family, and with respect for my dad and I, allowed me to purchase it as a Historical site and I named it Totch's Island

We decided to start an Airboat Business showing and telling about the Everglades that we know so well. Knowing the Everglades like we do and having lived a life also in the untamed Everglades having such deep roots and so much history to tell the people about our forefathers and ourselves.

You don't want to miss taking a Airboat Trip with us !

"Take back more than a T-shirt, with Everglades on it take back a piece of History.

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